Artesian Elite – It is with great pleasure that we announce our newest line of luxury, hydrotherapy spas – ARTESIAN ELITE - designed with the utmost precision and care, the latest in technological advances and the most comfortable and intimate designs available on the market today.


Island Spas & Island Spas Elite – Create your own paradise with the most highly customizable spas in the industry.

Our top-of-the-line Island & Island Elite models provide you with the best hydrotherapy experience possible. The upgrade to the Island Spas Elite line includes the patented Variable Control System.


South Seas Spas – Dynamic and efficient, these spas have aesthetic appeal and attractive features.

Each moment that you enjoy in a South Seas Spa can improve your quality of life with hydrotherapy. This age-old form of healing and stress relief is based on three simple principles: heat, buoyancy and water movement (hydro-massage).  Hydrotherapy is an unparalleled method of relieving stress and stress-related conditions.


Garden Spas – Provide a highly powerful hydrotherapy experience, and energy-smart savings.

For your ease and convenience, these hot tubs plug into a Standard 120 V-15 A Outlet.  Choose the size and features that fit your needs.

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